Mathematics-in-Industry Case Studies

MICS aims to meet the publication needs of the burgeoning community of mathematicians who work on problems that are important to industry. Its central theme is the stimulation of innovative mathematics by the modelling and analysis of such problems across the physical, biological and social sciences.

Industrial Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling have been creative branches of mathematics for many years. The spread of interests in commercial and industrial mathematics has been reflected in the numerous Study Groups with Industry, graduate programs on industrial mathematics, and the emergence of national and international networks (e.g., MITACS in Canada). However, there are few regular publications on the subject for students who wish to learn relevant skills, and for researchers to archive papers in which modeling is an essential part of the final product.

MICS provides a much needed venue for sharing ideas among academic and industrial researchers and a learning opportunity for newcomers and students. The case study and electronic format puts the emphasis on the modeling process and is intended to make the journal accessible to a wide variety of readers.

Our ultimate goal is to make the journal an important source for publishing high quality papers related to industrial mathematics as well as a continuing and evolving source of interesting and relevant problems for students and researchers.

Our editors are researchers active in the area of mathematics-in-industry. They thus encounter research appropriate for MICS on a regular basis and encourage submissions. Traditional submissions are also welcome through any of the editors and all papers are refereed by a combination of the editors and external advisors in a timely fashion.

Vol 6 (2014)

Table of Contents


A Mathematical Model of the Rainwater Flows in a Green Roof Abstract PDF
Andrew Alfred Lacey
Improving a Fuel Cell Assembly Process Abstract PDF
Ibrahim Diakite, David A Edwards, Brooks Emerick, Mark Panaggio, Angela L Peace, Christopher Raymond, Matt Zumbrum

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