Vol 2 (2010)

Table of Contents


Mathematical models for an undisturbed soil-column Abstract PDF
C. Sean Bohun
Mathematical and numerical modeling of the AquaBuOY wave energy converter Abstract PDF
Abigail Wacher, Kim Nielsen
Modeling, simulation and optimization of Autothermal Thermophylic Aerobic Digestion Abstract PDF
Mark Burke, Michael Chapwanya, Kevin Doherty, Ian Hewitt, Andrei Korobeinikov, Martin Meere, Stephen McCarthy, Mick O'Brien, Vo Thi Ngoc Tuoi, Jaime Rojas, Henry Winstanley, Toshko Zhelev
Optimized Least-squares Monte Carlo for Measuring Counterparty Credit Exposure of American-style Options Abstract PDF
Kin Hung (Felix) Kan, Greg Frank, Victor Mozgin, Mark Reesor
Stochastic Simulation of the Uplift process for the Irish Electricity Market Abstract PDF
Matylda Jabłońska, Arno Mayrhofer, James P Gleeson
Optimizing the profit from a complex cascade of hydroelectric stations with recirculating water Abstract PDF
Andrei Korobeinikov, Alexander Kovacec, Mark J McGuinness, Marta Pascoal, Ana Pereira, Sonia Vilela
A Mathematical Model of a Road Block Abstract PDF
Hilary Ockendon, David Mason, D. Fanucchi, T. la Foy, T. Oliphant, M. Khalique
Determination of the index of refraction of anti-reflection coatings Abstract PDF
Daniel Lesnic, Gareth Wakefield, Brian Sleeman, John Ockendon

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