Vol 1 (2008)

Table of Contents


Painting the Office Abstract PDF
Bruce Reed, David Allwright
On the stability of sheared menisci in Hele-Shaw cells Abstract PDF
Burt S. Tilley, John Billingham, Ferdi Hendriks
Modelling the temperature, maturity and moisture content in a drying concrete block Abstract PDF
T. G. Myers, J. P. F. Charpin
Wavelength Assignment in Optical Network Design Abstract PDF
Brendan Farrell, Yi Huang, Mark Iwen, Ting Wang, Lisa Zhang, Jintong Zheng
The 60th European Study Group with Industry Report on the Stewart platform problem Abstract PDF
T. Charters, R. EnguiƧa, P. Freitas
Self Calibration of a Pinhole Camera Abstract PDF
Dominique Orban, Paul Armand, Odile Marcotte, Vincent Zalzal, Kiselev Arthemy
Yolk Dynamics in Amphibian Embryos Abstract PDF
C. Sean Bohun, Chris Breward

Mathematics-in-Industry Case Studies. ISSN: 1913-4967